Elemental armlet are a type of magical accessory that amplifies the damage of elemental-based magical weapons. While basic armlets give a small damage boost, these items can be combined to create even more powerful versions of the armlet. In order to assemble these items, players need to acquire the Mobius Armlet.

Light Armlet1Dark ArmletFire Armlet1Water Armlet1Thunder Armlet1Nature Armlet

                Basic armlets increase elemental damage by 40%.

Shining Black-eyed ArmletShining Red-eyed ArmletShining Blue-eyed ArmletShining Yellow-eyed ArmletShining Green-eyed Armlet

Pitch Black White-eyed ArmletPitch Black Red-eyed ArmletPitch Black Blue-eyed ArmletPitch Black Yellow-eyed ArmletPitch Black Green-eyed Armlet

Purgatory White-eyed ArmletPurgatory Black-eyed ArmletPurgatory Blue-eyed ArmletPurgatory Yellow-eyed ArmletPurgatory Green-eyed Armlet

Deep Sea White-eyed ArmletDeep Sea Black-eyed ArmletDeep Sea Red-eyed ArmletDeep Sea Yellow-eyed ArmletDeep Sea Green-eyed Armlet

Lightning Bolt White-eyed ArmletLightning Bolt Black-eyed ArmletLightning Bolt Red-eyed ArmletLightning Bolt Blue-eyed ArmletLightning Bolt Green-eyed Armlet

Overgrown White-eyed ArmletOvergrown Black-eyed ArmletOvergrown Red-eyed ArmletOvergrown Blue-eyed ArmletOvergrown Yellow-eyed Armlet

                 Advance armlets increase elemental damage by
               70% for the major gem and 30% for the minor gem.