Used to make bronze armor.

Dropped by

Furniture Synthesis

Copper Furniture
Image Name Primary Material Secondary Material
Green Stone Green Stone 1 Copper
Soup Pot Soup Pot 1 Copper 1 Annatto
1 Aloe
1 Blue Herb
Pot Lid Pot Lid 1 Copper
Pot Pot
  • Hangs on the wall
1 Copper
Tin Trashcan Tin Trashcan 5 Copper
Tin Can (Large) Tin Can (Large) 5 Copper
Tin Can (Medium) Tin Can (Medium) 3 Copper
Tin Can (Small) Tin Can (Small) 1 Copper
Tiled Sink 10 Brick 10 Tentacle
3 Banana Water Bag
15 Copper
Treasure Chest Treasure Chest 5 Lion's Manes 2 Lion's Tails
10 Copper
Stone Golem Doll Gollum (Stone Golem) Doll 10 Iron 20 Copper
20 Limestone
5 Rubber Leather
Brown Mounted Lamp 1 Magical Spark 3 Copper
Oil Lamp Oil Lamp 1 Magical Spark 3 Copper
Wall Candle Stand 1 Magical Spark 5 Copper

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