Dragon Zombie

Dragon Zombie


Moves (?)
* Bite: 146
* Bite: 132
* Tail: 109・113 (2nd one is counter-attack)
Elemental Relations (?)
Diacharge 150% with Light
Zoicharge 0%, Immune to Dark
Rubycharge 150% with Fire
Abnormal States (?)
Petrify state Immune to Petrify
Sleep state Immune to Sleep
Poison state Immune to Poison
Loot Items
(Collect 5 Times)
Dragon Fang
Dragon Bone
Red Dragon Scale
Red Dragon Skull (Rare)
Player Room
Other Information
Japanese Name: ドラゴンゾンビ
doragon zonbi
Difficulty: Easy/Medium
Species (?): 100% Dragon
Special Ability: Regeneration (+1)
Notes: Appears rarely, very difficult to find in large numbers.

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