Frost Salamander

Frost Salamander


Moves (?)
* Cleave: 80
* Tail Whip: 104
* Spear Thrust (into ground): 120・116 (+Freeze)
* Frost Breath: 63・72・68・44 (+Freeze)
Elemental Relations (?)
Diacharge Heals From Light
Zoicharge 150% with Dark
Rubycharge 200% with Fire
Sapmagic 50% with Water
Abnormal States (?)
Freeze state Immune to Freeze (?)
Loot Items
(Collect 5 Times)
Ice Scale
Ice Powder
Cold Horn
Ice Chest
Lost Mythos
Other Information
Japanese Name: フロストサラマンダー
Difficulty: Easy/Medium
Notes: Currently the second monster to drop the Cold Horn.

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