A long-ranged two-handed melee weapon with medium damage.


  • Offensive Ability 3 (+1, +1, +1, +1, +1)
  • Attack Speed 7

Special Move

Overswing: Avatar raises up the halberd and begins to glow purple, or gain charges. The player will continue to gain up to 5 charges as long as he/she continues to walk around. Once the avatar stops walking, a devastating blow will be unleashed, dealing damage based on the # of charges.

Total Damage = (Offensive Ability) + (n Charges)

n Charges = n times (Offensive Ability)


  • Your movement speed is slightly reduced during the special attack.
  • Halberds have great range, comparable to the range of the War Hammer's special move, with the exception the range of the halberd is limited to a frontal cone area of damage approximately 170˚ in front.
  • This weapon is favored by many beginner players for its great range allowing for a better hit rate.

Weapon List

Image Name Synthesis Damage Title
Halberd Halberd 10 Iron 3

Special: 3x6

(18 Max)

High Halberd High Halberd 5 Halberds 4

Special: 4x6

(24 Max)

Zoa Halberd Zoa Halberd 5 High Halberds


Special: 5x6

(30 Max)

Giga Halberd Giga Halberd 5 Zoa Halberds


Special: 6x6

(36 Max)

Holy Halberd Holy Halberd 5 Giga Halberds


Special: 7x6

(42 Max)

Master Halberdier
Paragon Halberd Paragon Halberd 5 Holy Halberds


Special: 8x6

(48 Max)

Legendary Halberdier

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