Hemp TurbanBlack Circular Hemp TurbanGrey Circular Hemp TurbanBrown Circular Hemp TurbanMint Circular Hemp Turban
Red Circular Hemp TurbanYellow Circular Hemp TurbanGreen Circular Hemp TurbanBlue Circular Hemp TurbanPurple Circular Hemp Turban

Hemp Turban 2Black Bead Hemp TurbanGrey Bead Hemp TurbanBrown Bead Hemp TurbanMint Bead Hemp TurbanYellow Bead Hemp Turban
Red Bead Hemp TurbanGreen Bead Hemp TurbanBlue Bead Hemp TurbanPurple Bead Hemp TurbanPink Bead Hemp Turban

Hemp Turban 3Black Mound Hemp TurbanGrey Mound Hemp TurbanBrown Mound Hemp TurbanMint Mound Hemp Turban
Red Mound Hemp TurbanYellow Mound Hemp TurbanGreen Mound Hemp TurbanBlue Mound Hemp TurbanPurple Mound Hemp Turban

Blue Simple Hemp TurbanPink Simple Hemp TurbanPurple Simple Hemp Turban


A long piece of cloth that you wind around your head.

Items Needed For Synthesis

Note: Bead and Simple versions use the color Pink.

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