Moves (?)
* Flying Attack: 1
* Peck: 0 + Poison
Elemental Relations (?)
Neutral to all elements.
Abnormal States (?)
Suspectible to all abnormal states.
Loot Items
Venom Bag (Secondary)
Dice Game Stage 4
Other Information
Japanese Name: ピトフーイ
Difficulty: Very Easy
Notes: Poison lasts around 5 minutes.

Colorful birds that have migrated from exotic southern lands. It is a very unusual bird because of its poison--very powerful neurotoxin is embedded in its skin and feathers to protect it from predators. With its razor sharp beak, The Pitohui roots out and snatches snakes and lizards for food. For reasons unknown, the Pitohui stores its food in trees.

Notes & Tips

  • You need to be cautious around this bird because it can poison you. Be sure you carry some Remedy while traveling around Stage 4.

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