Red Dragon

Red Dragon


Moves (?)
* Paw: 360
* Bite: 664 (tip); 648 (neck)
* Tail: 476・492
* Fire Breath: 312・472・332・316 (+Blaze)
Elemental Relations (?)
PhysicalStone 70% with Physical
Rubycharge 0%, Immune to Fire
Sapmagic 130% with Water
Abnormal States (?)
Freeze state Some resistance to Freeze
Blaze state Immune to Blaze
Paralyze state Some resistance to Paralyze
Loot Items
(Collect 10 Times)
Dragon Fang
Dragon Bone
Red Dragon Scale
Red Dragon Skull (Rare)
Player Room
Other Information
Japanese Name: レッドドラゴン
Difficulty: Hard
Species (?): 100% Dragon
Notes: Very rare appearance.

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