Weapon Details

Useful weapon with a good damage, from the Phantom level it's useful against Phantom Guardians in Tower 8 as it's special puts them down with a single slash. Good against most enemies.

It is 2handed, not allowing the use of a shield.

Special Moves

Slash: Slashes through the air, and teleports you a little forward in the process. Any monster in between the starting point and ending point gets hit, and this attack hits more than its regular.

Weapon List

Image Name Synthesis Damage Title
Scythe Scythe 10 Demon Crystals


Special: 6

Ghost Scythe Ghost Scythe

5 Scythes
13 Lizard Tails
13 Magical Creature Claw


Special: 9

Phantom Scythe Phantom Scythe

5 Ghost Scythes
13 Scales of the Basilisk
13 Large Skull


Special: 12

Death Scythe Death Scythe

5 Phantom Scythes
13 Vampire Fangs
13 Giant Beetle Eyes


Special: 15

Death Lord

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