A short-ranged one-handed melee weapon with high damage.


  • Offensive Ability 4 (+1, +2, +2, +2, +2)
  • Attack Speed 7

Special Move

Chop: Avatar raises up the axe and begins to glow purple, or gain charges. The player will continue to gain up to 5 charges as long as he/she continues to walk around. Once the avatar stops walking, a devastating blow will be unleashed, dealing damage based on the # of charges.

Total Damage = (Offensive Ability) + (n Charges)

n Charges = n times (Offensive Ability)


  • Silver weapons such as this one prevent monster healing.
  • Your movement speed is slightly reduced during the special attack.
  • Unlike the Halberd, the Axe has a much shorter range. Although its range is much shorter compared to other weapon classes, the Axe currently possesses the greatest burst damage among all weapon classes.

Weapon List

Image Name Synthesis Damage Title
Silver Axe Silver Axe 10 Silver


Special: 4x6

(24 Max)

High Silver Axe High Silver Axe 5 Silver Axe


Special: 5x6

(30 Max)

Zoa Silver Axe Zoa Silver Axe 5 High Silver Axe


Special: 7x6

(42 Max)

Giga Silver Axe Giga Silver Axe 5 Zoa Silver Axe


Special: 9x6

(54 Max)

Holy Silver Axe Holy Silver Axe 5 Giga Silver Axe


Special: 11x6

(66 Max)

Guardian Saint
Paragon Silver Axe Paragon Silver Axe 5 Holy Silver Axe


Special: 13x6

(78 max)


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